Wealth Inn

It’s a 3×3 grid with 8 separate lines that pay from left to right, and the Wealth Inn online slot is played on that grid. To win a reward, at least three symbols on your reels must match.

Some help may come here from the wild symbol, which will show up with the image of Cai Shen himself, the God of Wealth lending a hand by acting as a replacement in whatever win forms. You can get paid by having one wild and two regular symbols on a line, as an example, and the low value symbol is the one that determines the value of the prize.

It’s also worth noting that this is an expanding wild, which is actually unusual for a modern slot machine. Then again, this is a slot with 3 reels, so while it looks like a modern title, its roots are in the past.

High volatility (also known as variance) suggests that wins are low-value yet very common in this title. Meanwhile, the maximum payout available to players is 1504 times their wager. Keep in mind that rewards are never guaranteed and that you must gamble wisely.

It is based on one of the most popular deities of the country’s past to provide us this slot, and it was designed with Chinese culture in mind. Wealth Inn introduces us to an inn that appears to be run by Cai Shen, Chinese culture’s God of Wealth. This one has a lot of crimson and gold in the structure, which gives it a luxury sense. The inside of the inn is depicted in the background image, with bamboo trees visible through openings to the sides.

Red backdrops and golden borders are used to decorate the reels. The Cai Shen Wild, gold ingots, a jade artefact, and three red, gold, and green knots are all used as symbols.

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