Lucky Twins

With prizes of up to 25,000 coins up for grabs, Microgaming’s Lucky Twin slot is sure to be your lucky slot game to start 2022!

Twins are considered a sign of good fortune in China because they imply you won’t have to follow the one-child policy, which many feel will lead to a spoilt and secluded people in the future – but enough about Chinese politics, let’s get to the fun stuff!

The types of prizes you can win include up to 25,000 coins for the distinctive Lucky Twins Logo, which will dazzle you with its golden brilliance, and winning lines can be made up of Wilds and Symbols or just 3 to 5 of any prize symbols.

Several additional symbols, including those Lucky Chinese Cats who wave their paws to say hello, have enormous 5 symbol payouts, and you’ll be pleased to say hello if they earn you 3,000 coins. Meanwhile, Chinese Dream Catchers may win you up to 2,500 coins as a dream prize, while Firecrackers can ensure your slot sessions go off without a hitch, with up to 1,500 coins available.

The Golden Chinese Hat, which is the game’s Scatter Symbol, is another symbol to keep an eye out for. 3 to 5 of them will boost your total wager by 4.5 times your total bet, 4 times your total bet, and 5 times your total bet, respectively.

Because this one doesn’t have any intricate features or bonus games to worry about, it’s an excellent game for beginning slot players or anyone in the mood for a straightforward spin-and-win slot session. Microgaming offers a large choice of slots for both free and real money play.

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