Phoenix Rises

The modest community of JinFeng Village was renowned for being close to a mysterious valley. The locals were referred to as “Phoenix Guardians.” The inhabitants frequently forbade intrepid travelers from ever visiting the valley, hence the name. Even other Guardians were forbidden in a strict sense.

Many people might be unaware that the Guardians were guarding a unique cave in the enigmatic valley since it was home to a Phoenix! Deep in the mountains, there was a cave that occasionally caught fire.

According to legend, the phoenix has lived in the cave for countless years. It was also reported to be covered in a stunning jade eggshell and to have scales that glittered like gold. The phoenix will supposedly fly out of the jade shell, burst into flames, and dance in the sky when the moment is right, according to a local tradition. The Guardians will take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather the phoenix scales as they gradually fall from above. The scales are about to change into jade, which will be given to the “Phoenix Guardians” as payment for their defense.

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