GATES OF RICHES: ทัวร์นาเมนต์บาคาร่ารายสัปดาห์

Type: Highest total value of all points received for consecutive wins 

Prize Pool: THB 760,000 / Week

1THB 190,000
2THB 38,000
3 to 5THB 19,000
6 to 20THB 7,600
21 to 60THB 3,800
61 to 100THB 1,900
101 to 150THB 760
151 to 400THB 380
TotalTHB 760,000

Terms & Conditions:

1.This Promotion will run for 6 weeks from 10 February 2022 to 24 March 2022.

2. A minimum stake of THB 38 must be placed on Main Bet in any Baccarat table for the bet to Qualify.

3. Only Winning Qualified Bets from Banker Win, Player Win and Tie Win will be counted in Consecutive Win computation.

4. Bets placed on Side Bet only regardless of the result and bets that resulted to Draw (return stake) will be Excluded and shall not affect the Player’s Win Streak.

5. Likewise, if a player places Main Bets combined with Side Bets within one (1) game round, only the Winning Main Bets that meets the minimum bet requirements will count. Sample Below:

Bet Details:

Main Bet – Banker = 100
Side Bet – Banker Pair = 100

Game Result:

Banker – K, Q♦️, 9♠️ = 9
Player – J♣️, J♠️, 1 = 1

Bet Result:

Banker Wins
Banker Pair Lose (Excluded)

Computation: Qualified for Consecutive Win 

Main Bet – 100 (Side Bet Not Counted)
Payoff – 195 (Win + Stake)
Win Qualifier – 195/100 = 1.95

*Sample 4 Game Win Streak:

Bet Results Points
Player Win0
Banker Win1
Side Bet Only (Win or Lose)Skip
Banker Win2
Draw BetSkip
Player Win5
Losing BetStop Win Streak
Total Score8

6. If a player plays in multiple Baccarat tables, each Qualifying Win on Main Bet(s) will be counted separately per each participating table.

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